At Day Business Centre, we provide the industry leading Business Centre service in Hong Kong. Our business centre offers clients with Grade-A Executive Office spaces, to offload daily business administration nuisances with Virtual Office service, to handle statutory company secretarial requirements with Company Secretary support. And we excel from other business centres with years of expertise on your Management and Accounting needs.

Whether you are a SOHO entrepreneur or an overseas representative, with our Executive Office, Virtual Office, and Company Secretary services, you only need to focus on your main business. And to make our business centre stands out from the peers, we offer Consulting Services to take you and your business to a higher level. Our executives have years of experience in helping companies to establish their strategic and operational business management plans. Whether you only seek for casual advice as a start-up or you wish to extend your footprints on the Mainland China, or even you believe you are ready to take your company to public! We are the only experienced business centre to serve your needs.

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